Spring is in the Air get healthier & happier!


We’re mammals so we need to move to give us more energy. If you’re in a sedentary job, drink more water so you’ll have to visit the toilet more, it’ll get you moving and keep you hydrated!  Dance around the kitchen, do an exercise dvd, try some yoga moves and go for walks in nature when the weather allows. Shopping gets you moving too! Whatever exercise form you enjoy, get moving more. 

Mind and soul

Many of us overthink, worry, get anxious, criticise ourselves, but how often do we say well done, or put ourselves first? Now is the time to invest in you. Maybe a morning routine including some mindfulness, meditation or journaling would help or just spending time in silence, something just for you, some me time, and just being in the moment to give the brain a rest and let your senses take over.


Did you know the average adult only smiles 5 - 20 times a day, whereas children smile around400 times a day!! So the lesson there is to bring out your inner child as you can’t be too sad when you’re smiling.


We can’t function properly without enough sleep.  The amount varies per person, but uninterrupted sleep is so important as it’s time for the body to rest, restore and repair.  Your subconscious also uses this time to process what’s been going on throughout the day.

Gut Health

Your whole immune system is in your gut. If your gut is healthy then your body and immune system is happier! They say your gut is your second brain and so it’s important to keep it healthy! Kefir, natural yogurt, probiotic tablets and fermented products are all good things to try.


You only get one body, so let’s look after it! You wouldn’t put petrol in your diesel car, so why put food into your body that isn’t nourishing for it and expect it to work optimally? Try making small changes and see how it makes you feel. Most of us don’t get enough fibre so maybe start with upping your fruit, veg and pulses intake. 


Don’t forget to have fun! Life is serious enough, stress has a huge affect on our health and wellbeing, so it’s important to readdress balance. Laugh more, relax and have fun, they say laughter is the best medicine!  Find something each day to be grateful for and appreciate it, we have so much, but at times need to be reminded. 

So enjoy life, smile, laugh, move, love, sleep, be happy and eat well!

With Mother's Day just around the corner whether you're a mother or a daughter, how about putting yourself and your loved ones first and doing more to improve your overall health and happiness?

I'll leave you with a tasty recipe this month that you could perhaps make for yourself or your Mum this Mother's Day! 

Quinoa and peas topped with roasted peppers and goats cheese

➡️ Defrost and cook the peas and edamame beans and using a stick blender blitz with some cut up chives, until its combined, but still a little bit chunky.
➡️ Add a touch of olive oil & lemon juice and mix this all through cooked quinoa.
➡️ Chop and roast some peppers in the oven for 20 mins.
➡️ Char some pak choi and thinly sliced courgette on a hot griddle pan.
➡️ Chop your goats cheese into 4 rounds, place on a lined baking tray and melt for a few minutes in the oven.
➡️Assemble together and enjoy.

Simple but so flavoursome and heavenly.  You could top with fish or chicken if goats cheese isn't your thing and play around with the roasted veg. Enjoy, until next time, Louise.

Hope you like it x

Louise Jones
Food for Thought Cookery School