Meet Emily!

Emily’s Space

Hi! I’m Emily and welcome to my blog! Here you’ll find advice from make-up to clothing trends as well as fun challenges and ideas. I hope to make a wide range of features as to appeal to anyone interested in my space. To introduce myself further, I have listed 50 facts about myself below:

  1. I’m 15 years old

  2. I enjoy being creative on my Instagram: @emc498

  3. I can play the piano, guitar and ukulele

  4. I often take part in musical theatre performances

  5. My favourite genre of music is alternative and rock

  6. I LOVE horror films

  7. My favourite Youtubers are Dan and Phil and dodie

  8. I love trying out new make-up trends... even though I usually suck at it

  9. I cut my hair in November because I was sick of failing to style it

  10. I love dying my hair different colours

  11. Despite loving every colour of the rainbow, I often only wear clothes that are monochrome

  12. I think I’m the only teenager who actually enjoys school

  13. My favourite season is winter because I love big jumpers and snow

  14. I love organisation i.e. lots of boxes and labels

  15. I have a really cute dog called Willow

  16. I don’t like my middle name.... so, I’m not going to tell you

  17. My favourite book series are ‘The Mortal Instruments’ and ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’

  18. When I was younger I was so obsessed with Harry Potter, my whole bedroom was themed around witches and wizards

  19. When I grow up, my dream job would be to work with computers

  20. My favourite TV shows at the moment are Pretty Little Liars and an old comedy show call Bottom

  21. My whole house is usually a mess because we are all usually busy

  22. I love stationary

  23. I am a qualified sailor

  24. I have a younger brother who’s really annoying

  25. I prefer to sing alto in a harmony

  26. My go to Starbucks is a Caramel Frappuccino

  27. My dreamholiday destinations are Japan and Las Vegas

  28. I can speak a little bit of French (Bonjour),German (Hallo) and I’m learning Japanese (Konnichiwa)

  29. My favourite band is Twenty One Pilots

  30. I’ve broken two of my fingers after falling up a curb

  31. My favourite film is the ‘6th Sense’

  32. My favourite album is ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd

  33. I’ve been to 3 concerts: Twenty One Pilots,dodie and Fall Out Boy. I am also going to see the Australian Pink Floyd in November and Twenty One Pilots again in March

  34. My worst habit is biting my nails

  35. I did gymnastics for 4 years but quit when I couldn’t master the splits

  36. I’m obsessed with Heathers the Musical

  37. I love to draw faces and eyes

  38. My favourite food is pizza

  39. My favourite holiday is Christmas because I love all the festivities

  40. My favourite social media is Instagram

  41. My biggest inspiration is Dodie Clark because she has overcome so much in her life and always keeps going

  1. My favourite ice cream flavour is cookie dough

  2. I was vegetarian for 6 months but I missed burgers too much

  3. A deal-breaker is a friendship for me is if they have bad hygiene

  4. My favourite quality in a person is their sense of humour

  5. If I had any super power I would like to have telekinesis

  6. My favourite superhero is Spiderman just because of Tom Holland

  7. I prefer baths to showers because they are more relaxing

  8. I like to run to keep fit

  9. My biggest fear is heights

Feel like you know me now? I have many tutorials and reviews lined up which I hope you will enjoy. In the meantime, make sure to check me out on Instagram: @emc498 for more fun and laughs.