Emily's Teen Christmas Guide

Teens are some of the hardest people to shop for. With trends currently changing, even with a Christmas List, it’s difficult to find the perfect gift. I’ve created my Teen’s Top 5 Gift ideas to help choose the perfect present.

Firstly, although it’s a bit of a novelty, a Christmas jumper is the perfect gag gift. These days you can find quality Christmas jumpers with all sorts of designs and prints that provide a laugh at Christmas. Plus you can find some great jumpers at H&M that keep you festive and also cozy.

Next I would recommend some fun stationary and folders. At first, school supplies may appear really boring but it’s a busy few years for teens and some fun stationary might help them start revising. This is a great gift especially if their grades benefit as well. I found some great examples in WHSmith and Paperchase.

A great gift to get even the fussiest teenager is a voucher. I think vouchers get a lot of hate as they aren’t ‘original’ enough but I completely disagree. You can find a wide range of gift cards such as those for clothes from say New Look or a Costa voucher for coffee, you can find vouchers in ASDA or the actual shop itself

My penultimate gift is makeup and bath products. This time of year, lots of beauty companies bring out set gift boxes. They often look extremely luxurious and are perfect specifically for pamper sessions at the weekend. Or, if none of the set boxes are good enough, make your own! A collection of face masks, eyeshadow and nail polishes would make the perfect gift for any teen girl and it makes the present even more personalised.

 Finally, I don’t think Christmas Day is complete without a quality box of chocolates. The perfect stocking filler is a massive box of your teen’s favourite box of choccies. Lots of companies are bringing out festive packs and massive assortments. You can never go wrong with classic brands like Cadburys and Terry’s Chocolate Orange. 

I hope this helps you find that special gift for the teen in your life; if you look hard enough, there is always something for someone. I would suggest just shopping around and buying something heartfelt and sentimental because that’s what makes the best gift!