Your three step skincare regime

Discover Liz Earle at Boots.

Creating a skincare routine is very personal to each person, however you can't go wrong with a three step routine with a trusted organic brand. Liz Earle is a boutique skincare brand available in Boots who aims to deliver great results for all ages and skin types. Their products are an affordable luxury that really does deliver on its promise!

The trusted famous 'Cleanse and Polish' product is available in Bergamot & Juniper Limited Edition scent for a limited time only. Perfect for bringing a touch of sunshine to your daily skincare routine.

Follow the three easy steps for glowing skin.

Step 1 - Deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate

Morning and night you want to thoroughly cleanse your skin to ensure all makeup is off to give you a smooth canvas, ready for the rest of your routine.​

Opt for a creamy cleaning balm or oils over a foam consistency for a deep cleansing action that instantly melts away pollution, impurities and make up for radiant and clearer-looking skin that feels balanced, smooth and comfortable.

Step 2 - Tone to boost hydration

Toning soothes the skin after cleansing, while perfectly priming skin for your moisturiser. Choose a gentle and alcohol-free toner like this skin tonic, that provides a boost of hydration that prepares skin for optimum moisturisation.

Step 3 - Moisturise to lock in hydration

After cleansing and toning, moisturising is the fundamental final step in your daily routine, helping to lock moisture into the skin.

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