Welcome Back to Castlepoint

Are you ready to Explore at Castlepoint...?

Coming back to public space is exciting but may be a little strange after a long period of isolation that has caused sufferance to many and shrunk our perimeter of life. To celebrate Castlepoint Shopping Park’s reopening we have created “Explore” a colourful campaign that celebrates life, courage, enthusiasm, and new beginnings. 


The theme of the sea has been chosen as the metaphorical place of the exploration, a tribute to Bournemouth beautiful coast line, to summer, and to the incredible wonders the sea life offers and the idea that we need to keep exploring but also riding the waves of life without being beaten. The sea life themed trail is made up of playful Vinyl floor stickers, inspiring posters and a 3D window vinyl. The specially created stickers provide a ‘3D’ style illusion which come to life best in a photograph. We ask that visitors take fun photos of themselves stepping on the dedicated ‘stand here’ stickers and post them onto social media, tagging us and using the hashtag #exploreatcastlepoint : we are giving away £100 prizes every week.

Explore is also a creative way to reinterpret the social distancing messages creating artistic gaps on the floor without suggesting to keep a distance. The stickers create a natural direction of the flow without being prescriptive fun trail that will remind you to stay positive everyday, Keep the eyes of the explorer, and never lose your sense of wonder.. as life is however a wonderful journey.



Come and “SEA”... we can’t wait to DIVE into shopping again! Visit Castlepoint today to discover our sea life trail for yourself. Don’t forget your phone, as there might be a prime selfie opportunity, and you could win £100 every week.

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