Waterstones Books of the Month

Waterstones Books of the Month for August

Miracles of storytelling, tropical islands, and revelations about food and class; August's unmissable paperback quartet.

From a family saga about the redemptive power of words to a gastronomic gallop through the British relationship to food, and from a sun-kissed story of murder on a tropical island to a globetrotting period romance and a rip-roaring children's adventure in an enchanted establishment, we present the books that will dominate your August.

Thriller: Betty by Tiffany McDaniel

An intricate and haunting coming of age tale, Betty charts the path of a young woman who, growing up amidst racism and poverty, discovers the power of storytelling.

Non-Fiction: Scoff by Pen Vogler

Mapping the entwining paths of comestibles, culture and class, Vogler’s deliciously entertaining social history of food in Britain reveals how what we eat brings us together and sets us apart.

Thriller: The Castaways by Lucy Clarke

Brimming with spine-chilling suspense and high drama, The Castaways places a wrecked plane and handful of survivors on a faraway island that is about to bring closely-guarded secrets to the surface.

Children's Book: Amari and the Night Brothers by BB Alston

A rip-roaring supernatural adventure with a lovable lead character, Alston’s gripping debut features a missing brother, a sinister organisation and a thoroughly evil magician.

Castlepoint Loves: The Vanishing Half: by Britt Bennett

Spanning the 1950s to the 1990s and from the Deep South to California, Bennett’s stunning novel follows the journeys of two estranged twin sisters leading very different lives – to the extent of adopting different racial identities.

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