Our Simple Sustainable Swaps

Most of our New Years Resolutions will probably have sustainability in mind. We all should be striving to make better choices to improve our eco footprint. The smallest changes can create the biggest waves so here’s our tips for some easy swaps you can do to help your sustainable journey be more achievable at home.

Discover new and alternative cleaning solutions.

Think about how often you are repurchasing plastic bottled kitchen cleaners/ detergents or thought one use disinfectant wipes.

Brands such as Ecover which are available from Robert Dyas offer refillable washing up liquid made with biodegradable plant-based ingredients. This is kinder to both the environment and your hands. The packaging is also made with 100% recyclable plastic.

Choose reusable kitchen products.

If you're an avid baker or tend to use lots of grease proof paper in the kitchen. Make the simple swap to reusable parchment paper that can be washed and then reused. Lakeland’s magic reusable parchment paper is ideal for whether you’re lining a cake tin, roasting tin or even a frying pan. It stands five years or more use and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Re-useable sandwich bags are a great alternative to single use plastic bags. They’re washable, reusable and recyclable, so you can do your bit for the planet while enjoying your lunch. They are also freezer and dishwasher safe also so can be used with many different purposes in mind. These are from Lakeland they at £9.99 but the overall saving will be much more and think how many tens of plastic bags you will prevent going to landfill.

The eco range available at Sainsbury’s is turning waste plastic into food storage that lasts a lifetime. When possible try and use these eco storage containers to store any fresh foods you might usually cover to cut back cling film and foil use.

And last but not least, bin bags opt for ones that use recycled plastics, as opposed to virgin plastics. These Asda bin liners are biodegradable, environmentally friends and are only £1.60. There really is no excuse!

So that's a few simple small swaps you can do to lessen your environmental impact on the planet. You can pick up these items at Castlepoint Shopping Park or via click and collect services.

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