Shopmobility has moved and had an upgrade!

Welcome to the new Shopmobility at Castlepoint


As part of the ongoing car park reconstruction works, we are pleased to announce the new home of Shopmobility, a purpose-built unit which is located in the under-croft underneath Sainsbury’s within the lower floor car park. Entrance is via the RED underground car park.


The new facility offers better disabled access with protection handrails, a ramp leading up to an automatic door, ten disabled parking bays, a spacious disabled toilet, and improved space and access for wheelchairs and scooters. The facility is bright throughout with energy efficient led lights and new back lit signs that are more visible to customers.


"We are really grateful to Castlepoint for providing this wonderful new building for existing and new service users. The service is there for anyone who needs it whether they are just visiting for a day or needing it more regularly." Sue Leighton, Chief Officer Sedcat


If you would like further information about accessing Shopmobility, please visit the website; or phone on 01202 598295 or 01202 534027. Sue and her team will be happy to help with your accessibility requirements.

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