Neon Spider Halloween make up tutorial!

Eye spy a spider look coming your way!

Try out this creepy look for Halloween. Follow the easy step by step guide below.

Step 1 - Eye spy 


With your base already in place (foundation, powder, bronzer), choose a palette with a neon pink and blue shades in and get to work with the pink shade on the inner corner of your lids and below working in a backwards C shape. Blend this colour until the edges are fluffy. 

Step 2 - Creepin' it real

Pack on a purple shade next to the pink on the eyelid and below the eye blending it softly with the pink shade to create a seamless merge.

Step 3 - Prepare to scare

Finally finish up by connecting the circle with a blue shade, blending together with the pink and purple shades. Now you should have a multi-coloured eye with three shades nicely blended.

Step 4 - Ready to spin your own web?

It's time to create your spiders legs. Using a liquid eyeliner pen, start by drawing four horizontal lines below the lash line. We're halfway there, then connect these lines with another line the same size in the opposite direction. 

Step 5 - Haunt It

Mimic the same spiders legs you have just created but this time above the eye extending to just above the eyebrow. Line your eye and waterline with a deep black eye liner to deepen this look. Start defining the lips now too, use a black lip liners or eye liner to darken the outer area of your lips.

Step 6 Killer Kiss

Now perfect that pout with a metallic lip. Fill in the lips with a blue glitter, add a little water into your glitziest eye shadow and pat this onto the lips. 

There you have it! The ultimate neon Halloween Spider make up look!

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