Easy Halloween Pumpkin Makeup

Prepare to scare this Halloween…


Whether you're planning to celebrate with family or getting all your faves together for a spook-tacular party, get your freak on with these terrifyingly quick and easy to recreate tutorials. We've teamed up with beauty influencer and Makeup Artist, Leanne Cooper to bring you these easy and boo-tiful looks using affordable products available to pick up from Castlepoint. You can adjust these looks to work for any age and any spooky occasion. 


No matter how you celebrate, we've got your spooky season sorted. 


Try out this look it will give them pumpkin to talk about.

Step 1: Killer contour

Start off by defining the shape of the pumpkin with the natural contours of your face and drawing three lines on your forehead. Use an orange eyeshadow shade for this we recommend thee XX Revolution Eyeshadow Pallette available at Boots.

Step 2: If looks could kill


Get some black eyeliner, liquid, pencil or powder will work fine and go over the top of your orange contouring you did in step one excluding the middle line you drew on your forehead. Instead using the orange shade again connect this line down to the tip of your nose. We used a kohl liner to create a graphic outline on the face.

Step 3: Prepare to scare

Start at the bottom inner corner of the eye and draw a dramatic line in the same black eyeliner along the bottom lashes, bringing it up into a wing at the outer corner and line the top of the lashes. Don’t be afraid to go big on this bit. Smudge this along your lower lash line and waterline dragging the black liner down to your cheek. Outline this black with orange and add orange to the eyelid also.

Use the Rimmel Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Jet Black to extend the black contour lines down the forehead onto the eyelids and nose for added depth and mystery.

Step 4: Kiss of death


Time to add the perfect pout. Use an orange lipstick or mix a little water with your orange eyeshadow and use this on the entire lip. Then draw little lines acting as teeth over the top of your lips with a black lip or eye liner or eyeshadow. Start at the outer corners of your lips working all the way into the centre of the lip. Deepen the lip by using a little black in the centre of the lips. 

Step 5: S-lashings of lashes

FInally make every lash count with Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara in Black. Wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes, before sweeping it all the way to the tips for lashes that are terrifyingly defined.

There you have it! The ultimate pumpkin makeup perfect for all ages.

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