Get colour clashing

Colour clashing is a trend we are not expecting to disappear any time soon. Whenever you feel uninspired while getting dressed in the morning, turn to colour. This will be your best friend and liven up any outfit on the days when you don’t know what to wear.  Just because we’re not going out as much right now, doesn’t mean you need to be in loungewear every day. Spruce up your daily look with these fun vibrant ideas.

Here’s our favourite colour combinations to wear in Spring to revamp your style a little.


Pink and Red

Wear pink with a pop of rouge. This doesn’t have to look as bold as it sounds. Start small with contrasting accessories if you’re not ready to dive into the pink-and-red thing straight away.  Trial the trend with your shoes, bags, sunglasses or other small accents. This is subtle, yes, but also very stylish and a nice way to try out a trend on a budget.


Cobalt blue and orange

This is a killer colour combination. Both of these colours can seem daunting to style alone. This is a fun and easy way to colourblock as the bright shades make each other pop, yet complement the other so beautifully. This look is effortlessly chic and perfect for spring!

Light pink and lavender

There's no need to only choose one shade when it comes to pastels. Pastels are the go-to colour palette for spring. The light hues present a refreshing option and a soft/sporty look. Try putting a dusty rose and lavender shade together for a playful and youthful spring outfit.



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