Deadly Devil hair and make up tutorial

Deadly Devil!

Unleash your inner devil this Halloween with this red-hot make up and hair tutorial. 

Step 1

Start off by building that perfect base, we have gone for a medium coverage foundation. Make sure you blend down the neck. Add a little bronzer to warm up the face. 

Step 2

Apply a red shade to the eyelids and softly blending it out into the crease. 


Step 3

Get creative and draw some little teardrops and a few crosses underneath one of your eyes leading down onto the apple of your cheek. You can use an eyeliner or powder for this.

Step 4

Draw a swirly devil arrow from the outer corner of the eye leading out into the temple and apply a matte red lipstick all over the lips softly blending this over the lip line itself to create a fluffy edge. 

Step 5

Finish off the make up by adding some black liner to the water line, a nice helping of mascara anda apply some pink/red blush to the apple of the cheeks. Then the make up is done!



Step 6 Hair time!

To create this really simple devil hair tutorial start by creating two pigtails only using the front/fringe section of your hair. Ideally use see-through elastics to secure this. Then once you have these two sections complete backcomb the ends of the hair by pulling your comb through the hair in the opposite direction you normally would when brushing it. This will give your hair a little texture and volume allowing it to hold better.

Step 7

Start wrapping the hair round in a clockwise motion until you have no hair left to wrap. 

Step 8

Secure this with a bobby pin and repeat on the other side. Then you are done, you can add any hair accessories you wish and for extra drama we suggest adding a temporary red hair colour spray.

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