Creepy Circus Clown Halloween Make Up

Become a creepy (but cute) clown with 5 easy steps!

Roll up to the carn-evil and unleash your inner freak with this creepy (but cute) circus clown make up look. Use these five easy steps to transform yourself into a clown this Halloween.

Step 1 - Build that base

Create your preferred base. Whether it's just concealer or the flawless glowy look make sure this is done first. We opted for a medium to high coverage silk finish foundation. 

Step 2 Look into my eyes!

Start your base by using a purple shade all over the eyelid blending it up into the crease. Then using the same purple shade draw a dramatic line extending from your eyelid up to the middle of your forhead. Now in the other direction create a swooping line from the bottom of the lash line down onto the cheek bone.

Step 3 Apoca-lips

Cast a spell on the other eye and create a frighteningly fierce eyeshadow ensemble by matching the other side to the eye you have already completed. Once both side are done, create a thin cat eye with a liquid eyeliner pen. This is best for precision but don't worry if you have only a pencil eyeliner, gel or powder these will still work fine. Opt for black for maximum depth and definition and this will enhance the purple making it stand out more.


Moving onto the lip. Cover these with a purple lips stick or apply some concealer and pat on the same purple eye shadow. This will help to glue the shadow down more and make the colour appear more pigmented.

Step 4 Out of the shadows

Apply slashings of mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Two coats should do the trick (or treat).


Then apply a little purple circle to the tip of your nose and trace over the purple lines you have created adding a little glitter on top.  

Step 5 Ghoulie glamour

Finally add a little ghoulie glamour to the look. by applying a thick, full set of lashes to the upper lashes. This screams drama!


Then voila you are done! A creepy but cute clown ready for Halloween!

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