Building a skincare routine

It’s easy to see how creating a skincare routine can be a little overwhelming. There are so many products on the market with different uses and price ranges, it can be daunting what to pick. Let us break it down a little and give you a basic skincare routine to follow friendly for all budgets and skin types



Step 1: Cleanse!

If you’re using makeup wipes only to remove your make up, stop now! These do not clean your face properly especially if you wear makeup. Flannels and a good cleanser are now your new best friend.

Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. We like balms, gels, oils or milks rather than a foaming cleanser as this tends to strip your natural oils away. Use the cleanser directly onto dry skin and wipe away with a damp, clean flannel until your face is clean or makeup free. If you want to make your routine easy or you’re cost efficient then you can use the same cleanser in the morning and at night.

Top tip: We like these flannels best, but you can pick up any flannels or muslin cloths from the local supermarket. This will be an easy game changer to your skincare routine.

Use exfoliating/acid products after cleansing at the traditional ‘toner’ stage. This is the best way to get your skin glowing as they eat away at the dead skin on the surface leaving it smooth. They also help with any scaring you might have.

Don’t overuse acids you only need to use one a couple times of a week by swiping it over your face with a cotton pad. Make sure to wear an SPF the next day as they make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Step 2: Exfoliating acids are not scary!

Step 3: Eye Cream should sit under your moisturiser.

You always want to keep your eye area hydrated. Be gentle with this skin as it is very delicate. Use you’re your ring finger (forth) to apply a little eye cream around the skin of the eye to hydrate, reduce puffiness and dark circles. We like ones with Vitamin C in to give us a more awake and bright look.

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