A greener home with Lakeland

Lakeland are growing their eco range, and have made it easier for you to make informed choices that are better for you and better for the planet. And while green credentials are all well and good, the great news is we’ve selected every product in the range because it performs brilliantly too.


Bio-Mex - £13.99

With Bio-mex, you'll be dissolving grease and grime all over your home effortlessly, using only natural and biodegradable ingredients. Just apply then wipe off and enjoy the shine.


 Cleans virtually any surface, including...



 Sinks and baths




Deft eco-friendly cleaning - £4.99

The environmentally conscious folk at Deft worked tirelessly for two years to develop their innovative cleaning products, wanting to create powerful cleaning formulas that don’t compromise the environment – and we think they’ve done a great job. These cleaners are made from non-toxic plant-based formulas, and the bottles – including the trigger heads – are fully recyclable.

Ecozone Soap Nuts - £5.99

Grown on trees, soap nuts are a completely natural and effective way of cleaning your clothes, with no abrasive chemicals in sight. Complete with a zipped washbag to hold your soap nuts, you have everything you need to tackle laundry day.

All your recycling sorted

Keeping on top of the recycling doesn't have to mean piling up an unsightly heap of plastic and cardboard in the corner of your kitchen. Stack up a few of these smart bins and they'll keep your tins, paper, plastic and glass tidy and out of sight while taking up hardly any floor space.

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